Why You Should Declutter?

Our home is the stage where the grand play of life happens. How can we expect a play to be a hit with a messy stage and background? Hence…Decluttering! To me, decluttering is getting rid of excess in order to bring balance to everyday living. Because even though it is just stuff, they can overwhelm us and the physical space can start having an effect on our mental being.

With a consumer-driven economy, we are bound to collect possessions we might not actually need for a foreseeable future. And that is where the problem begins. Before you know it, things spiral out of control, and the task of sorting through it all is daunting enough to postpone cleaning, which further piles things up. And so, here is some motivation for you to declutter, and get ready for the spring cleanup session!

Good for mental health: You might have heard, “Clutter is postponed decisions.” So basically, every time we see clutter around the house, it reemphasizes the work we were probably supposed to have done a long time ago. This inevitably leads to feelings of overwhelm and stress. That two sizes smaller dress we have stashed in the hopes of “fitting into one day” ….is just a reminder item and not a concrete action item. And this constant reminder isn’t pleasant. Maybe one day we will be that size, but do we need a constant nudge in the form of things that “maybe, should be, could be…”? It does not serve any worthwhile purpose.

Clutter can be unhealthy: According to webmd.com, bad air can trigger coughing, chest tightness, sore throat, watery or itchy eyes, shortness of breath, and even a full-blown asthma attack. Clutter can definitely impact the air quality in a house. Since it attracts dust, dirt, and sometimes molds, the air can get stuffy and sometimes filthy. And this gets compounded if you have kids or pets. This constant intake of foul air might be the very reason we feel low on energy or sluggish. So, declutter and have a good air day!

Better relationships: While most aspects of a relationship can get complicated, decluttering is one simpler step to be in the right headspace to experience joy. Studies have shown that cortisol (stress hormone) levels are higher in people who live in cluttered homes. This feeling of stress and overwhelm can easily spill into other areas of life. We are likely to snap at kids, argue with a family member and avoid inviting friends when living in cluttered environments.

Energy Zapper: Sure we tuck stuff away, out of sight but do they really get out of mind? Because the space is limited, we have to constantly make decisions on how to create space for new items while put in effort in maintaining the old items. All that needs a lot of little decisions to be made constantly which zaps our energy and gives us what is called “decision fatigue”. It would be infinitely better to use that energy someplace more productive and steer clear of the unnecessary clutter!

Find forgotten treasure: This is one additional and unexpected benefit from decluttering a home. There are stories galore where people have found long lost jewelry, deeply sentimental items, gift cards with money remaining on them, or old savings bonds, and in some cases even cold hard cash (in the form of a forgotten gift envelope, or bag of coins, loose change). Sounds exciting? Let the treasure hunt begin!

This blog is the first of 2 part series on spring cleaning and decluttering. Stay tuned for handy tips and tricks on our upcoming blog!

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