Why you should Outsource doing Laundry

I have never met a person who looks forward to laundry and I guess never will. But then there isn’t a household which can do without it either. So, there’s a conundrum right there…can’t live without but don’t love it either. If only there was a way to get it done without involvement, most of us would gladly do so. But wait, there is!! Oh yes there is!

Call Emmy Introduces: Laundry services inside the comfort of your home!

Laundry services Call Emmy

Call Emmy has introduced laundry services for all you busy people out there who rather be busy spending your time and energy in something more fulfilling and less mundane. Schedule a service and cross this nagging chore week after week off your to-do list…sound liberating, doesn’t it?!

Are you skeptical…still debating should you outsource this or maybe do it yourself?

If you are, we totally get it! Here is a monologue (almost) every mom goes through before they have experienced the bliss of laundry services…smelled the aroma of that freshly done for you laundry (without inhaling the chemical of washing powder), or beheld the sight of neatly folded laundry without lifting a finger…#laundryfantasies

Laundry? It’s not THAT big of a deal!

Is it not? Now we are not the kind to whine about a task but let’s not discount the amount of work that goes into doing laundry. I for one, would surely prefer to put that time and energy to better use.

There is so much more to laundry than shoving the load in the washer, transferring it to the dryer and then folding (although come to think of it, that is a lot of work too). Let us not forget the sorting, scheduling , sometimes pre cleaning, and airdrying  the delicates…whew! It sure adds up!
Then there are those busy days when you just miss hauling those dripping linens from the washer to the dryer. And it sits there, greeting you the next morning, with that damp smell, like an unsavory hangover from last night.

What about all the money I will spend in laundry services!

Time is money. And according to Tide.com, “The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted the American Time Use Survey, and one of the things that they looked at was how much time Americans spent on their laundry.

They found that the average American woman spends up to over 8 hours a month doing laundry. That’s an entire workday lost to dirty socks and shirts. And it doesn’t even include the time that you have to spend on related tasks, like ironing or driving the dry clean only items across town to your dry cleaner.”

Why waste all that time in laundry when you can spend this time earning more than what you spend on laundry services. Especially in this gig economy, there are plenty of avenues to put your time, energy and talent to much better uses.

What am I teaching my children by outsourcing chores?

Whenever we do chores, we are not teaching children how to do the work. We are essentially showing them how to be responsible and do what is required to go smoothly through life.

And when we have someone do the laundry for us, we are teaching them to put our energies to better use and outsource tasks to people who are better and more competent to handle them.

We are showing them we do not have to spend money only on “stuff” to make us happy. If we can buy some quality time to share with them, it is well worth the money.

I am too finicky and fussy to outsource laundry!

At Call Emmy, we totally understand that each customer has their own way of handling their dirty linen and delicate clothes. And that is why we hire people who are competent, careful and provide services right inside the comfort of your home, making sure to adhere to your personal preferences.

You have the Call Emmy Promise: We promise that if you are not satisfied with our work, we will make it right.

So go on, schedule that laundry service right away and dwell in the wonderful feeling of fresh clean laundry done for you!

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