Your Roadmap to Finishing 2020 STRONG!

Do not underestimate the importance of the last few days of this year!Get a headstart to 2021.

While the last few days of the calendar year are usually spent in anticipation of how to plan or attend the New year’s party, this year there is so much more on our minds! For starters, we need to realize what a tremendous blessing it has been, to have survived the virus and not take for granted what the next year holds in store for us. So let us take a moment to appreciate, reflect, and get our engines powered to zip and zoom through the new year. Oh, and not the kind of zoom we have lately gotten used to!

Look back and feel proud: The year 2020 tested our strength and resilience in all sorts of ways. We survived, even came out stronger. And we are definitely not the same person we were at the beginning of the year. Let’s take a moment to let that sink in. Think of the ways 2020 has made you stronger and the insights it gave into your own self. Feel proud and draw energy from it!

Organize your space: Never underestimate the power of tranquility an organized space brings. Start 2021 with a clean and organized home. Your home now doubles as the family’s workspace and kids’ school. So, enter the new year with new and organized work and play arena, your home. Do it yourself or hire a professional to take care of business and get a fresh perspective.

Take up a new project: Enter the new year with a time-specific goal in mind. While many of us took up new hobbies and persuasions in this almost last year, professionally many projects had to be put on the backburner as well. Why not take it up with renewed energy this year! And be sure to put a time limit on those. Nothing gets us focussed and energized than setting a time-specific goal.

Choose your battles: Not everything deserves all of your time and energy, especially true for the busy moms out there. A favorite quote of mine, that sums it up is: “You can have only two of these at a time: a clean home, happy kids, and a sane mind”. And if you do want to have all three of these, do not go it all alone. Save your energy for those kids at home, take time out for self-care, stay calm in your professional ventures, and outsource the chores as much as permissible within your budget. Invest in yourself!

Share and Inspire: Make sure that your cup is full but don’t forget to share. It is the season for spreading cheer and this holiday season has amplified this need. With so many people losing jobs, facing isolation, and dreading the virus, this is the perfect time to give back, share, and inspire. Support local pantries, local businesses, maybe organize a winter coat drive, and if possible, give your gift of time to someone you know is alone this season. Making a positive impact fills your own heart with joy!

Tell us, how do YOU plan to #FinishStrong!! Inspire us and others. We will feature you on our Social Media and you could be one of the 3 moms we will write a blog about!!

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